(Jan 30, 2017)

Bygone my dear friend, is always a bygone
Amenities, be it she, its trusts that he has won
Never could she have it, those were always his
One good time will bend her down, it will bend her knees

Corrupt every angle from , her dad he called him uncle
And all who would call themselves, the gems to that circle
Couldn’t distinguish between themselves, what was right or wrong
Lost in the rhythms they, of a dirty singer’s song

Not a single feel of guilt, though extremities given name
Spit on the ugly face of that dad with no shame
What generated that trust, the amenities they came from
Must have been understood atleast, by an amenity using mom

Every line here above, each of these words sing
The mom has been using, an offspring’s earning
He will work to smile always, though he has no dimple
Wrong to the wrong doers, his theory has been simple…


  1. something missing out of the word
    cant be authorized with limit
    thy the precision cannot be secured
    act of a song mesmerizing to personell

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