Travel Dairy: Sikkim Trip – Insaf Pokhrel

Travel Dairy: Sikkim Trip  – Insaf Pokhrel

Smooth highway inside dense trees giving fresh cold air that nostrils could feel started giving me excitement about our trip. We had just passed Siliguri, a small city of West Bengal. I could see army barrack and choppers on both side of the road. The hot air was slowly cooling down as our vehicle started to approach towards the hills. A few hours later, we were on "Rangpo Bridge" the entrance gate of Sikkim. There we had to take pass (visa) to visit the state. The visa process was very simple since we were from neighboring country Nepal. They kept a copy of our citizenship certificate and gave us the passes to visit. We reached hotel at around seven in the evening where we had already done reservation. We checked in and since we were tired, we all went to bed that day.

First day

The first day we planned to visit the local market and MG Road, which was one of the major tourist attractions there. Local taxi was available within the city and the transportation was not expensive. We visited MG Road. The road was stone paved with bench and flowers in the middle. There were shops and chain stores of big brands like puma. However, I was a bit disappointed with that place. I had expected that could buy local products and handy craft items. The market was full of either branded expensive clothes or plastic goods from China. Nothing could force me to spend some amount on. Still it was an interesting place. The street was so clean and nice. Big street lamps and beautiful flowers added more beauty there. The thing that impressed me most was the environment there. It felt as if we are in another world, so peaceful, so clean and so beautiful.

Our next stop was the cable car ride above the city. Since it was my first time on a cable car, I was very much excited and a bit afraid too. We paid 80 INR for the ride and it was worth it. The ride was thrilling. We could see the city from the top. The ride was from bottom of the hill to top if it and way back. The ride back to the bottom was more interesting. The rope was so inclined and the ride was more interesting due to steep hills. The cab was bit congested because of its capacity of twenty-one people but it was fine because of cold weather.dsc00196

We then visited a Monastery nearby. It was rather a museum then monastery and was quiet disappointing. There were a few burned books and a few items of past. I already had visited a Buddhist Museum with many items to see maybe that’s why I felt it boring. We then again went to MG road to feel the beauty of that place at night. When all the lights lit, wow is only the word that came on my mouth. We stayed there until late night and returned to hotel.

Second day

The second day we were going to Tsangu Lake, which freezes during the winter. The trip was very much fascinating. Roads on steep hills and cold breeze of air notified us that we were going towards mountains. The ride was a thrilling one with steep slope on one-side and army camps on another. The weather got colder and colder as we approached towards the mountain. We stopped at a place for photos and at that point, I realized how high the place was. No birds we could see on the blue sky, cold breeze of air touching my face and tall hills all around all these things together was giving the taste of heaven for a while. We moved on, a small road was taking us inside the passes and towards the mountains. Finally, we were there, Lake Changu. That place was truly magnificent; everything around us was big and beautiful. Tall mountains, beautiful views and snow all around made me feel like a child. Wow the beauty of that place is not something that could not be uttered in words. Words like Beautiful, mesmerizing, attractive, pleasing fades in front of that place. We played in the snow, took some photographs and then it came the most difficult part. We left that place at around two in afternoon, that day I was really proud of myself and my decision to visit Sikkim. That night everyone on our group was tired so planned to drink. We all were surprised to hear the price of drinks as it was cheaper than we had expected it to be. Later we found out that the tax rate was low for beverages. We enjoyed that thing very well.dsc00496


Third day

We woke up late and everyone was in a hangover. Therefore, for that day we canceled all our plans and stayed in the hotel all day. It was the day to enjoy being with friends. In the evening I went exploring the city streets, narrow roads, beautiful houses and flowers was looking beautiful in the evening. I also tried street food I love to explore new places during dusk. I was in my own world enjoying the beautiful vibes of beautiful city.


Forth day

Since we had already lost a day in hangover, so that day we woke up early and took a taxi to char dham. The way to char dham was another experience, that day the smooth road went through tea plantation area and cherry farm. The cherry trees were full of flowers giving away a mild smell of happiness. We could see beautiful houses on the hills. As we passed on the road, our driver showed us different factories of liquor and other products.  After few hours, we reached char dham, the holy place. There was lot to see. As soon as we enter the premise a huge statue of lord Shiva gave us the feeling of how small all creatures are in front of him. The main temple is of lord Shiva just in front of the statue and after that follows different small models of temples of all over the India including Badrinath dham, Dwarka dham, rameshwar dham, and Kedarnath dham. We went to all the temples and worshipped. We spent about one and half hours there


After that, we went to visit Buddha park of Ravangla. A gigantic statue of Gautam Buddha was there and the big park area was all fitted with speakers that played soft Buddhist music. A cold vibe of peace and spiritualism went through my nerves as I was in that place. For a while, I forget all my troubles, all my works to do and everything. I was drowning down into peace more and more. We stayed there for a few hours until dusk and then we returned to our hotel. Since it was our last day in Sikkim a feeling of both happiness and sadness ran through my heart, I was happy that I came to visit that place and sad because I had to leave that place.

 The trip to Sikkim was an awesome experience full of thrill, fun and joy. Peaceful in a way and thrilling in another it was a full package of experiences. The next day we checked out of hotel and took a cab back home. The total expense was of round six thousand rupees Indian currency per person that was cheaper than we had expected. I cannot wait to visit that place again.     dsc00258

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