Remembering Parents – Arjun Dhungana

Remembering Parents –  Arjun Dhungana


I have to read the eras etched in your hands
and have to ask
to the footprint scattered around the fields
about the mystery,
Why the cracked heels do not feel any pain?

In this unknown land deprived of
the shadow of my village
cactus blooms but does not give any fruit.

Please, continue sowing corn seeds in Kafaltaar
I will reach back to sort the stalks.

At this time,
the sultry sun is hovering above my head
the night is lying slumber-less in my room
every this and that is unfamiliar in this land of unknown.

You have suggested me to take a lantern
to ease the way in darkness,
have suggested to take a Sarangi
to ensure a companion in lonely moments.

The breeze caressed me
carrying heartful of your love.
Your blessings have made me able
to grow golds in Simkhet.
Now, I am strong enough
to hold the universe in my forehead.

Standing tall with confidence
carrying a flock of happiness in my bag
I am coming back
sleep in the chautari of your love
cuddling under
the blue sky above my own village.

(Translated from Nepali by Suman Pokhrel)

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