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Every 2nd day of krishnastami, the rath yatra in Biratnagar is an event when all civilians come together to celebrate and have their look over the beautiful tableau. This time Biratnagar was excited to celebrate its historic “50th Rathyatra” but nature had a different story to tell. From the night of 11th August, water went above the brim into the Terai belt leaving the civilians drum stuck. That silently diverted the excitement into grief.
Many were disappointed as their holiday plans were dismissed but who knew that nature was going to be that brutal this time. We lost about 200 lives and about 40,000 were left homeless. but who is responsible for this? Nepal is ranked 4th in terms of risk of natural disaster and the problem of the flood is not new to Nepal. Between Jan 2013-Dec 2014 we lost about 260 lies and around 90,000 were left homeless.Well, I would say “we”, we ruthlessly exploited our mother nature, cut down trees for our “mean” objectives and finally the “decent nature” lost its patience.What is being said to it as a natural disaster, I would rather say it to be an “artificial disaster”.

Moreover as per the health experts, spreading of water-borne diseases like malaria and dengue are also predicted.

Although we “gorkhalis” are courageous beings and posses potential to rise back after we fall but still a loss of economy and lives is what must be avoided we lose lives every time and bits of condolence and rip’s in social media is all that happens. but of course, we can at least do something to avoid this in future. Construction of proper infrastructure along with adequate afforestation together can be said to be the best possible remedy to the permanent like malady of a flood in Nepal. Moreover, proper planned construction can be effective measure damage up to large extent.
A problem of flood happens else laces also, learning through the story of sustainment by those countries and analyzing the solution formation in else places for such malady could be effective. taking help from global experts related to flood reduction and risk management can lead to a better future.
Let us think outside the box, a step forward than just rips and condolences in social media. Let us pledge to contribute by promoting afforestation and implementing govt. Policies related to disaster management for the upliftment and growth of ourselves and our country for getting rid of these creepy disasters.

Why don’t we learn from these kinds of incidents?
We felt the biggest earthquake in the world but still, our houses are not earthquake proof. Fragile policies get broken up into pieces when few coins are showered and we the entangled being be ultra patriotists that don’t understand their responsibilities are no less than hypocritical beings.It is ironical that in the country of “determined peaks” and “extravagant natural beauty” the people are not smart enough to understand the consequences to be faced if steps are not taken ahead today. Who knows something like this flood again happens a year from now or that earthquake hits back to us tomorrow? are we prepared? are we preparing? I was said by my dad that you don’t become something just by speaking about it, you need to implement on your words and work accordingly.And same is what Is to be spoken to the government and civilians who say “we are planning” or “we understand”. If we say ourselves to be the citizens “native to legendary Buddha” then let us think differently this time and take a step ahead rather than just speaking of! Let us turn our determinations into a physical application as well by respecting the mother nature. Doing things in reality rather than in the realm of visualization by planting trees, avoiding deforestation and forest cutting and understanding our moral responsibility towards our nature otherwise, it would rather be an irony in eyes of world that the country of mother nature itself does not respect nature. let us be epitome rather than a traitor . let us not harm our mother for our mean goals as we have been doing by yesterday and even if we do so let’s be at least courageous enough to neutralize the effect by afforestation or giving equal benefits back to our mother nature.

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