Corona may be just a start, This is a high time to be alert

Corona may be just a start, This is a high time to be alert

Minal Adhikari

As, a rise in temperature and rapid increase in population many outbreaks like Corona may be touching us disturbing us. We are actually responsible for all this we are disturbing ecosystem that is why ecosystem is disturbing our lifestyle . Environment is teaching us how we have been treating all other living organisms that is why we are being kept the same way. This is high time we need to realize and accept our mistake and try to solve whatever we have been destructing. Being in home, being jobless, running out of money, academic loss, mental illness, losing near and dear ones is definitely not easy but we are paying for our own Karma. This is high time we need to be aware and overcome only we rational animal can do. A little effort made by each 7.9 billion can bring a peace and harmony for sure.
Along with coming together and making effort of making earth a healthy and happy place to live now we all need to be aware and prepared for the result of destruction we already have made. Only a little awareness can save life of many of us it may be the situational awareness and a sustaining healthy lifestyle for preparing us for much more corona and other pandemics in near or later future.
Reasons why these type of outbreaks are hitting earth and people here is as we are destructing natural habitat of animals and keeping animals in zoo just for entertainment
Cutting down trees and building big houses what is use of those big houses when you cannot breathe pure oxygen and as temperature of earth is rising animals are moving from their natural place towards different poles, towards places where there is more contact of different species. This is leading to spread of infections .
Due to pollution spread all around , due to change in lifestyle i.e. shifting more likely towards unhealthy lifestyle is making us physically weak. Immune system is being more frail, which is leading us human to be more fragile.
Now, what and how can we deal with this? Not a bigger change or solution can be possible at this immediate time but slowly gradually small change in living and a little bit of
awareness can make earth more healthier and happier place to live. Future risks are not easy to foretell, but climate change hits hard on several fronts that matter to when and where pathogens appear, including temperature and rainfall patterns. To help limit the risk of infectious diseases, we should do all we can to vastly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. As, in history when we turn the pages and see we all species have been grown together with plants and animals but due to more population and increase in need of food and shelter we are destructing their habitat which in return is unbalancing the ongoing process in return it is affecting our health.

The very first and foremost or say primary step to prevent this or upcoming more Pandemics like these are:

- We need to prevent or say stop  deforestation which can prevent biodiversity loss, migration of animals and let them be in their natural origin which will prevent spread of diseases.

- Enhancing agricultural practice, so as to eat healthy and boost your immunity and also it makes us do what we are perfect in, what our roots are based in.

- Keeping people healthy at baseline is also another way to prevent pandemics. Changing lifestyle i.e. following unhealthy lifestyle is being more prone people are being more work centric this kind of practices should be eliminated.

- Prevention should be priority this tough times until now have already made us realize how important prevention is. This is an opportunity here to recognize that prevention is by far the best approach to protecting health. Not only the situational prevention also the lost lasting healthy practices as prevention for healthier and happier life.

- Wearing mask not only prevents you from Corona but also from ongoing air pollution and from all kind of respiratory problems.    Looking more seriously towards climate change and what we can do to overcome it together. At this time we can start thinking of and ideas and generating theories as to as soon as COVID eases we can process and propose new agendas,policies against it and work for it.

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