I HATE politics

I HATE politics

Biratnagar. Idea of something actually is manifestations. Season is coming where idea can be implemented with thought.The way the history moves is approximately to ideas to reality set by itself. We set an ideas forourself then we try hard to accomplish and often we fail. Idea are ideals continue to be our philoshopy which takes us forward in our life.

I wish to convince you today There is an idea of alternative force which is not restricted to any organization,individual or political party or event or manifestation. Alternative youth force need to symbolise in the country it's the demand of the country .The phenomenon of alternative youth force is an experiment in making realization, implementing idea. we have come up to the phase of the history not only in our country but in different country in different part of the world .It is that idea I want to draw your attention, I would like to say about alternative force or politics. I don't mean to say alternative to politics. This is how it's misunderstood, it is alternative politics it's alternative youth force with vision,clarity, peace,impact and honesty.

Now among many of us we have phobia or syndrome " I hate politics " we each of us are directly connected with politics ,when we realize and re think couple of time none of us can breathe without politics. Hating politics is hating demoracy.Politics can survive with or without democracy Korea,gulf country etc. But democracy cannot survive without politics .Life blood of democracy is politics.we youth right now love democracy but hate politics,Every of us should consume political situation of our Country. We are here to complain there is politics in loksewa,College,hospitals, cricket,football not at all .

Let's Give a thought...Do we want to live in a country/ Democracy were our most necessity issues are not politicized ? Let's Give a thought of 10 thing politicized and 10 things which is not none of the leaders discuss on these issues In National or local level where decisions are made.

1)Corruption free country

2)Free Education

3)Free Health

4)women security

5)Free Transport and so on .....

We pay taxes.If anything politicized or made a table of discussion no doubt way will come out. Issues we raise come to the national Radar which need to be addressed by our leaders reason why we vote to choose our right leader with right intention.I'm not saying the problem will be solved but will be adressed with 100 voice together.More and more issues need to be raised ...

Alternative to politics is too dangerous for democracy, I'm stressing on alternative politics.Alternative politics is also not political alternative .Political alternatives are established to establish alternative politics .You get rid of congress, you welcome UML ,you get rid of UML you get another , you get another same .. This is political alternatives .

To be cntd ..

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