24/7 – Achyut Giri

24/7 – Achyut Giri

when we start to think about prosperity, the universe starts helping to achieve it. The restaurant business is booming in the city.

once upon a time, it was tough to give a puff with chiya. There we no specific place made where we used to be welcomed to listen to great music and sip different flavors of the tea. It's not only about chiya where we have seen our own city brands flourishing in the Restaurant business. During valentine's day this year 14th Feb, most of them even weren't able to find a chair on the airport road has increased the spike in traffic in businesses who were doing the special on that day. The expectation of this restaurantpreneur has increased. It has already been announced of the 24/7 concept emerged from Kathmandu. Now they can open their booze business with entertainment late at night, under the rules and regulations enforced.

It's a great opportunity to bang the plan. let me remind you, life behind the border, Alcohol is banned. How about developing the city into a nightlife entertainment spot. Like Dubai, Bangkok where we can hang around and drink in discipline under the rules and regulations. I have seen many parking their car in parking areas and taking taxis home, that's the discipline we have to raise among us.when we see the opportunity we grab if not we knock on the door through many means by hook or crook .why aren't we using our energy to reform opportunities given from the border, Alcohol is banned. Let's take an example of the GUDRI bazaar as we see today the space has been given and all are doing their business under one roof. Hospital chowk Koshi market gave four restaurants under one roof, on the concept doing business in the cluster, same goes to malls, Bhatbhateni and so on the idea is simple to give space and call for business. Now the idea is to give space like airport road, a few km away from the border, and give land for lease to emerging restaurant preneur in the city for free to build their restaurant branch, dance bar, hookah bar, everything connected with entertainment all night long aloud by the constitution. we can open small shops in tharu culture and promote handicrafts and fashionable items which are not sold easily the other side, as we are capital of Pradesh 1 we can promote all our local product if we are thinking 24/7.

We can follow the rules and regulations applied to casinos to enter with only IDS why restaurants are important in local economiesemploy: it really helps local to be hired, Pradesh 1 capital should have a future vision plan to accommodate job market.local suppliers: helping the local suppliers and manufacturers to sell their products directly chow mein, noodles, frozen chicken, frozen momo, and so on community: it helps to bring the community sense while doing the business under one roof.tourism: as taking the benefit of what is illegal behind the border, it's legal on the other side, we can increase the flow of tourists. We have many other ways to attract tourists and tourism but everything we need to build is big infrastructure and on a high budget.

we are not rich as Dharan and vedetar nature to call for tourism. Let's manage it in the best way with high-security system lets bring tourist into the city with which what we have let's discuss, let's take the benefit of banning alcohol just a few km away, let's take the benefit from 24/7

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