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How to Overcome Mental Illness during Lockdown?

Staying at Home is only Option Perhaps Can Cause Mental Illness, How to Overcome it ?

In this tough time of COVID 19. Corona virus disease ongoing pandemic which was first discovered in 2019 December in Wuhan , China has created a buzz all over the world in current days. Dismissing territories, boundaries violating whole planet, it has created chaos to the whole system around the globe. But still out of many few are defeating it by all their possibilities overcoming with situation and recovering. Though, we don’t have any treatment other than symptomatic treatment of flu for this particular disease also called Corona virus. The very popular saying by Desiderius Erasmus is often used by all in these days “ Prevention is Better than Cure". 

This is fact, when we don’t have any treatment in current scenario the only way to control it or Prevent our self is by Staying at Home. This staying at home unless if you are sick previously was bizarre thought but is only option left in todays time. Staying at Home means making yourself self quarantine i.e. because when you go out you are unaware about the people surrounding you their health condition or who actually us already carrying the virus in their body, we are also aware about how most of the cases in our country are asymptomatic. But if we stay home l, we are aware of our family members along with our health. Like it is said a drop of water makes an ocean likewise a single health person may lead to safe and healthy family, community, town, nation and world. We shouldn’t think we are not capable of doing anything in this tough time, if we keep us and our surrounding safe unknowing we are saving whole world. 

In this pandemic when people are asked to stay at home. It is becoming more and more challenging to everyone. People have started getting Mentally Ill because  of loneliness, panic, lack of work, leading a slower life routine. In this competitive 21st century when people were so busy they were turned into machine, staying at home have started rusting them somehow. This have lead many people to  various mental illness. Loneliness, some people have been stuck in homes alone and studies have proved 29% loneliness leads to heart disease.(1) When it comes to heart disease loneliness is bigger killer than obesity. Panic attacks are even more dangerous it causes anxiety , extreme fear leads to panic attacks social media and news are main cause of panic attacks these days. Fake news even creates more chaos. This is leading towards a very serious issue of mental illness , people are unaware that some people may lose their life just because of these fake and negative news and its fear. 

Mostly, the anxiety caused in youth at this time is, some of them are desperately waiting for their exam when exams get postponed the day before it was mean to be, creates unbearable chaos one cant imagine how student might be dealing with those. Few youths who were just in start of their career, are staying home and doing nothing this leads to empty mind and hopelessness, some might have already appeared in exam and are waiting for their result eagerly but are unsure how long this result gonna take to get published now. Everything and everyone are dealing with either slow or just a full stop in the life. Life still might be easier to one who have job and are working from home, but one who actually was in the start of their career are dealing with it more this might lead to anxiety. Though, lockdown is the only and best option but extending lockdown is really testing a patience of public if it goes on people will start starving and people might start showing up in a roads. Government should start and plan alternative for the sake of general public. 

How to overcome this Challenges that may lower the risk of Mental Illness while Staying at Home :-



Instead of following news whole day we can be updated once in a day, and use that time in other entertainment stuff like movies, discovering new games for childrens, blogging etc . Break from usual routine is always great and refreshing. 



Stay away from fake pages that creates an unnecessary chaos. Try to focus on positive news rather than negative ones. All media should start focusing more in recovered rate rather than the death tolls, because not all person perceives in a right way.



Try to learn new indoor things, things you have never tried before that follows your passion. Challenge your comfort zone and keep yourself busy in things you think you could have never done before like cooking, gardening, baking, sketching, crafting, makeup anything.



As, we become less active physically when we are home, meditate, do yoga, exercise try to hear motivation Podcast which can help you get a positive energy inside you and will help you be active always.



Greet your neighbours from your terrace, exchange smile with them and let them know how strong your are and how you are coping with all these, so that they can feel motivated.



Dine together, play together, sit together, chat together with your family. Every other day when we were busy we always had complain with each other we couldn’t make time with family but this is a right time to be close with family. To know what’s going on with each others life. Observe kids of your family and be their role model.



Eating healthy meals always heals. Don’t skip your meal. Your blood sugar drops when you don’t eat, which causes the release of stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can help you perform better under pressure. So we need to pay attention while we eat to keep oneself healthy. 



Take time for yourself,  pamper yourself, read, write, reflect acknowledge work in self improvement and that will help you be a better version of yourself.



Although, our routines makes us more efficient and enhance our feelings of security and safety, a little change of pace can perk up a tedious schedule.

Try different schedule and see in which your body responds more effectively.



Check in with your loved ones, make them feel special listen to them. Let other older adults and people with disabilities know it is common for people to feel distressed during crisis. And be in touch with them regularly by face timing them ones a day or two. 

11.Try not to make assumptions

Don’t judge people and avoid jumping to conclusions about who is responsible for the spread of the disease. The coronavirus can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sex.

A vast body of research conducted by the psychologist Kristin Neff and colleagues has shown the value of self-compassion for coping with emotional challenges and adversity. To ease feelings of isolation, acknowledge your struggle with kindness, rather than self-judgment, and recognize that millions of people world-wide are sharing your experience right now.(2)

Do your best to remain calm and be mindful not to contribute to the widespread panic that can hinder efforts to positively manage the outbreak. Ensure you are following directives issued by the government, medical advice and observe good hygiene habits. Because health always comes first though world is competitive but we cant deny the fact " Health is Wealth"

This time is challenging for everyone. But you don’t need to compound the difficulties by neglecting your mental health. If you follow these suggestions, you can face this crisis — you may even come out of it stronger in the end.

These are the fact and practice we all are aware about but we don’t pay attention  in tough time so along with keeping our self safe from Corona we need to Protect from other health condition too.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Things will be back to normal 

Nothing is permanent.

- Minal Adhikari ,Former Team Leader

VSO ICS (Public Health Student )

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