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With the creativity of human innovation and boons of nature, human beings are moving towards a ”solution-oriented” world.By finding effective solutions to environmental conservation to a discovery of treatments for incurable diseases.Despite this fact some magnificent issues still lie behind the black curtain, unable to get the attention they deserve. Epilepsy as a misunderstood disease is one of them.
Epilepsy basically is a mental condition in which the sufferer experiences blackouts and sudden attacks. With around 7 crore patients, epilepsy is a growing disease around the globe.According to the epilepsy society of Australia ,87 patients are added every minute that is 8 times the death/minute due to cancer, however ,it is still is being misunderstood almost everywhere. Generally, it is caused by traumatic head injuries ,parental injuries and strokes restricting proper O2 flow. however due to lack of proper research causes for 2/3rd epilepsy cases isn’t found .as a matter of fact ,acc to wl to ,80%patients live in middle / low-income countries among which 95% don’t get access to treatment even when 70% can easily be cured.
However, rustic societies have been misunderstanding epilepsy by myths of ”witches” in patients and social tantrums .Moreover stress and headache is considered ascuse ,but researches explain it to be the effects of epilepsy instead .The patients often have to face social domination and societal discrimination on allegations of having drugs, spirit within them etc .The patients are often treated as morons and insane which severely deteriorates their lives .Researches show that epilepsy leads to 200-300% of more deaths due to suicide and head infection in patients .In developing nations like Nepal high treatment gap resulted by social stigma ,unavailable resources and severely few number of neurologists(1/1,00,000) the possible treatment and most importantly public awareness of considering it as a diseases in not being very effective.
Despite of the fact that epilepsy is globally inflating, the human intellect is potent enough to solve this challenge as well. Proper research with greater effect can help neurologists know more about it. The determination of government to work together with NGO’s and INGO’s with the unanimity of epilepsy eradication can create a healthier environment to live for the patients as well as society. Furthermore, conduction of awareness programs by hospitals can also undoubtedly contribute towards a better future.
Summing up, as Nelson Mandela once said “Everything seems impossible until it is done”, let us unite our beautiful minds to eradicate epilepsy by simply respecting patients as patients.

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