Respected President,


You might expect me to start my letter addressing you as “ Her Majesty” but doing so will insult thousands of those respected souls who sacrificed their lives in Janaandolan and Janayuddha. I have a huge respect for them. They might have been crying up there observing the scenes down here. With my due respect I would like to request you not to make our martyrs cry.

I remember the first day you were titled as the President, I was the most happiest and proud, screaming loudly “Nepal got its first Female President”. I can understand maintaining the rank is harder than getting it.
You were my role model. Since the day you were titled, I had always wished to laude you. I have been observing you, expecting to imitate your good activities but I’m being disappointed day by day as your Cons are winning the Pros.

“It was day you were traveling abroad and my flight got delayed by 2 hours. I had to leave my work that day” I wonder how many people left their work, hindered their family’s economic so that you could fly safe.”

“It was the day of Indra Jatra when I returned home at 8 walking all the way as it was your “SAWARI” and no any public vehicles were allowed on the road.”

And today again in Biratnagar, I couldn’t pick up my siblings from school on time because it was “your SAWARI” again.
It is us who chose you and now we became a threat to your safety.

We Nepalese pay 25% of our income so that you don’t get any problem running our state while you expect to get a 180 million ride.

My respected Martyrs sacrificed their lives to omit the cruelty and here you are again coping the same making their sacrifices a vain attempt.

A 12 years old girl gets raped and brutally murdered but you don’t utter a single word.

Respected President we Nepalese also have our wish to sing the praises of our leaders in front of our foreign mates.
Shall we have keep our single strand of hope alive?


Writer : Madhu Khatiwada


  1. sorry, You can say your highness cause u know you have respected the post and its dignity. And lost lifes and their family or any Nepalese soul ( I m not ye male (UML) though ) would like any presidents of their country to be secured with most priority as per norms and realization of national security, intelligence n defence department of the country which is very popular internationally :). We don’t yet have big roads every where and loads of construction going on…so we have problems with traffic. Its understandable..but I believe there are yet ways out for any emergencies. And 25% Income of ours is not merely for a know…pls don’t panic…unknowingly or knowingly ppl are creating panic through very loud social medias and fake journalism…although its not only in our country.
    Yes we have yet to learn to develop as a prosperous and loved nation …Due to long trasitions and disasters we are yet in agony but we don’t need any fight or hate each other for that. Have faith n be in peace and work for the nation irrespective of gender cast or creed or political or religious views for sake of humanity.

  2. Hats off to the writer… but I am sure neither president nor other member of gov. well take consideration to it

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