Oya Opportunities, a Nepal-based startup which bridges the gaps between numerous organizations and the youngsters to boost their career forward, will hold the first Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp on 2nd-4th September, 2017 at Kakani. The bootcamp, organized along with their partner organizations: Loud Minds based in India and FutureHACK, based in HongKong, will be one of the first event in Nepal to bring together attendees from diverse academic fields and nationalities.

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017 will host 50 participants from all over the world and give them the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial ideas with each other while learning from mentors who have real-world experience on the field. Supported by MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Watson University, the bootcamp is designed to operate on the format of Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) 24 steps by Prof. Bill Aulet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) and will bring together 10 established entrepreneurs who will act as the speakers and mentors for the program.


The speakers/mentors for the bootcamp will be: Abhinav Gautam, an MIT graduate who is running two startups which were established while he was studying at Carnegie Mellon University; Jaytirth Ahya, the founder of India’s first experiential company-The Experience Co.; Jitesh Surendran, the Vice Chairman of South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE), Islamabad, Pakistan for 2017–2019; Joseph Jeong, a Wall Street veteran, entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and educator currently serving as advisor and mentor at the X-Lab in China’s top University, Tsinghua and Oya Opportunities; Prakash Neupane, co-founder of Sarathi Cab, online cab booking platform in Nepal and Nepflights, online domestic flight booking platform in Nepal; Rahuel Stone, heads Marketing at Strategy at Tenovia Solutions and is also the founder of ‘Indo Global Trade connectors’ where he sees himself as its “Chief Connector”; Ravi Singhal, the CEO of “Social Aves”-Nepal’s leading Digital Marketing company and co-founder of “Sarathi Cab”-an emerging cab booking company of Nepal; Subash Pandey, currently working in NIBL capital market as a corporate advisor; Tanya Gupta, founded Loud Minds, an organization that creates travel experiences that enable and empower youths to realize their dreams and create foundations for the future; and Troyevan Saragih, founder of UTINDO CreativeWorks and TROYEEBAGS in Indonesia.

The novel bootcamp will be a one of a kind event at Scout International Training Centre, Kakani that will host participants and speakers from diverse backgrounds creating an environment full of creativity, ingenuity and innovation. The 3-day event will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the young aspiring entrepreneurs participating.

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